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Heu guys! We are two talented 17 yo game devs! This is our first game:

Les Chevaliers Tumultueux is a 3D game that takes you on a realistic medieval openworld offering quests that make up the course of the game. The alpha will offer you four different quests to discover the following features:

In the end we want a game that allows you to be a lord and control a vast area or maby you prefer to be a thief and enter discreetly in the castle of the lord to take all his  jewelry or kill him while sleeping. Or a barmann, to sell a lot of beer to the population!

!!!At the start, when  you wake up in the castle,  don’t try to fight, just run away!!


>Download Game HERE<

If you want to support us by giving 1-2$... please test the game before!

Current Feature:

  • A quest system mixing:
    • Talk to someone
    • Hunt or Kill something ( animal, ennemy...)
    • Get an item
    • Go somewhere
  • A journal:
    • Inventory sorted by item type
    • Quest log and description
    • Player's stats (health...)
  • Chest and storage 
  • Save and Load logic (slot based system and auto saves)
  • Sleeping
  • Hunger and thirst  (because it's important for your health)
  • A minimap
  • Day Night Cycle with beautifull moon phases
  • Fight Mecanics with hands or with a sword
  • Shopping with NPC
  • Animals, NPC and knights AI
  • Awsome fall animation and ragdolls!
  • Graphics and Audio settings

Feature for the further versions:

  • Horses
  • Advanced Fighting 
  • Bow mecanics with complexe quiver system
  • Jobs
  • Spying
  • Crafting
  • Games inside the game like card games...
  • Dialogue 
  • Boat driving 
  • Map
  • ...

And a few more elements:

Road map here

Follow the project on Discord

Visit orInstagram to see nice screenshots

Devlogs onYoutube

Please note that the Alpha and the Beta are completely free , however the further versions will be on steam for something like 9999$!

See you soon! (☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞ 

1)Download the .zip from the link at the top

2)Extract it (file size: 2.6Go)

3)Launch the .exe

4)Have fun!

If you need a trailer, ask us in the community section!

There are some .png in the press.rar if you need some stuff to promote the game (+ pictures on the right)

Galtouz Team| OFiLaZer and Tamwyn


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